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We are glad you are here. I had thought of creating this website - so I can share shorter links - especially when I go to Amazon, BestBuy, Staples, Office Depot websites and I find a good product to purchase and when I share the link on my phone to send as text or SMS - it didn't look good. Of course we have other similar websites like - bitly and tinyurl - of which I like the later and it is better - most of the time I don't get to choose my favorite custom alias - and that prompted me to host my own website and in future if I am able to get revenue that will help my hosting charges, I am happy. 

I am also happy to share the website with all the people I know and don't know around the world, and I don't track these links or montior them. I may block the user or link when I get complaints from someone about it or me being blocked by GoDaddy (where I host this website) or I am being warned by Google (where I have taken APIs) or from PhishTank where the links are being tested. 

Welcome and glad you are here. If you need to contact me please email me at info@sivacomputers.com - Visit my website - Siva Computers. Thank you.

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